Our favorite color is checkered, and our teams see it often. Technique has partnered with many of the winningest NASCAR® teams in the Sprint® Cup Series™ as the supplier of their chassis components. In fact, 70% of Sprint® Cup teams utilize Technique Engineered Chassis Components in their cars! It's our dedication to quality, precision and customer service that make us the fastest growing provider of chassis kits and components in NASCAR®.

Custom Configurations

Every component we manufacture can be formed and modified to meet YOUR specific configurations, no exceptions. Every component is also fully repeatable with impeccable accuracy.

Center Section Kits

Center Section Kits We can provide your team with either baseline or custom-built chassis kits. Both kits adhere to NASCAR® standards and are manufactured with the same precision and excellence expected from Technique. Custom-built chassis kits allow us to bend, cut, form and modify the chassis components to your particular standards while still meeting NASCAR® specifications.

Drive Shaft Tunnels

Drive Shaft Tunnel Our drive shaft tunnels are created with specific preferences set by your team and designed to optimize access to the drive shaft. All drive shaft tunnels are manufactured within the guidelines set by NASCAR®.

Spring Buckets

Spring Buckets We create our spring buckets using 4130-grade steel. They are deep-drawn, with a base thickness of .125" and a sidewall thickness of .090". Custom hole patterns are utilized to meet your team's unique configuration. All spring buckets comply with NASCAR® standards.

Trailing Arm Assemblies

Trailing Arm Our trailing arm assemblies are developed to meet each team's chassis configuration and follow all NASCAR® specifications.

Intrusion Plates

Intrusion Plate We use dedicated tooling and optimum material thickness to create our intrusion plates. They are preformed to layup and weld, allowing for extremely easy installation. All intrusion plates meet NASCAR® specifications.

Bumper Bars & Splitter Bars

Bumper Bars and Splitter Bars We manufacture our bumper bars and splitter bars as a one piece formed tube. They can be created with or without holes at your team's request.

NHRA® Chassis Components

By applying the same championship processes that produce our NASCAR® chassis components, we are able to deliver the precision and consistency needed to build some of the fastest racing machines on the planet. Technique Engineered Chassis Components are produced from the finest quality materials and preformed with laser-guided precision to fit four of the NHRA's® largest classes-Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle.

Other Racing Applications

No matter what kind of car you find yourself driving or what racing series you compete in, if you want premier engineered chassis components for your high performance racing machines, talk to us. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

North Carolina Distribution

Technique, Inc. has recently opened a distribution center in North Carolina. Located right in Charlotte's backyard, the new distribution center in the city of Cornelius houses all baseline chassis components which are made available for purchase.